Building Your Digital Brand Experience Online & Beyond

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By going digital, you are expanding your marketing campaign online. You start designing a website as a digital representation of your brand, but how do you make it impactful? This is what we are asked often as a leading branding and design agency in Perth and Melbourne.

Websites and digital designs can perfectly covey the core essence of your brand experience if done in the right way. If you want to build a unique digital brand experience online, incorporate these simple steps in your online branding and design.

Consistent Tone and Message

What comes to your mind when you think about a consistent brand message? It implies that your website must carry your brand message. But there is more to it than that. Your website design should also convey the feel, values, and aesthetics of your offline store or service.

Sounds impossible, right? It’s not about recreating the tangible or intangible effects of a store, such as its lighting or luxurious print pieces, but adding the experience they provide. The tone and emotions that a brick and mortar store would evoke. Unfortunately, many brands do not make an effort in providing the same kind of experience both online and offline. As a result, their web designs look conflicting with their original tone and message.

Creating a unified experience for your customers across all platforms is crucial to help them interact with you consistently.

Be an Intriguing Storyteller

Creating a digital branding experience is not just about making people know who you are and what you offer. The real essence of branding is how well you interact with your customers online. That’s what makes your brand personality. In short, your website must be engaging enough to make people spend some time with you. It must make people see and experience your brand.

Think about the kind of experience your website will offer while interacting with your customers. Will it be innovative, imaginative, funny, trustworthy, curious, or peaceful? Does it match your brand personality? Try to reflect your brand personality as an intriguing storyteller through designs that bring a real connection with your customers.

An Adaptive Design

When designing a website, many brands ask their design agency to create a responsive web design that provides a suitable user experience to both desktop and mobile users. It means mobile sites are often the miniature version of desktop sites. While this sounds simple and quick enough, it may not necessarily provide a great experience to mobile users.

On the other hand, adapting to a dedicated mobile website with mobile-friendly content, pages, layout, and navigation will improve its user experience tremendously. It also gives you more freedom to add mobile-friendly or relevant features that provide a fast and comparable experience as that of a desktop website. Moreover, it’s not compulsory to match up your desktop and mobile website design. Design your website based on the advantages and limitations of each device. It also includes the typography and colour schemes, but at the same time keeping the tone of your brand the same.

Doing so will automatically optimise your brand in all digital mediums, making it unique and more recognisable. Most importantly, reaffirm your relationship with your customers through various digital touchpoints.

Keep It Simple, Neat and Clear

A make or break deal for your brand and website design is simplicity and functionality. Though it may be tempting to add as many features and functionalities as possible, it does not improve your brand experience. In fact, adding too much only makes your website look congested and confuses your customers.

Make a priority to design a website that’s simple and clear. It should be the one that can deliver the essence of your brand in every aspect. Most importantly, a website design that provides an unmatched brand experience that your customer expects from you.

A brand’s website is far superior when it comes to engaging and interacting with customers digitally. Indeed, it is more convenient and impactful than you think. However, making a difference starts with choosing the right branding and design agency.

Contact us at Blackbox Design for a discussion on how we can enrich your brand online with website designs that cut through the clutter and tell your story. Our local team are based out of our offices in Melbourne and Perth.

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