Brand Design & Corporate Identity

Corporate Branding and Identity in Perth and Melbourne

A successful brand or corporate identity will have a clear vision and be designed to speak a certain visual language, persuading and creating influence in market.

Creating a successful corporate branding and identity is more than simply designing a nice-looking logo. It requires intelligent brand thinking well before the brand design process commences.

Our expert corporate branding team in Perth and Melbourne will investigate your business structure, history, and culture to gain insight into your product or service, discovering its true target market and where the brand needs to be in the next two, five and even ten years from now. We search until we uncover exactly what it is that sets your business apart from your competitors while at the same time establishing a compelling proposition for your customers.

Armed with these insights it’s only then that we can answer questions such as: What are the core brand values? Who are we communicating to? How should the brand speak to them? What visual branding language do we use?

From brand design to integrated corporate identity programs, our strategically led brand design process will make a positive and lasting impact to your Perth  business.

Brand Design & Corporate Identity Case Studies

Norfolk Commercial

Leaning on the name and historical link back to the port city, Blackbox created multiple brand identity directions before a preferred path was chosen. The positive energy of the green plays against the Norfolk pine tree motive. A full width, responsive website was designed to break the real estate category mold yet remain fully functional for the end user.

Home Group WA

Re-branding an iconic Perth home builder to Home Group WA. A new brand identity, display home signage and an email marketing campaign was developed to market the brand.



Specialist apartment real estate agency Allegro Realty, required an update to their brand identity alongside a new website build to help market their growing property portfolio.

Yaran Property Group

Yaran is a residential property developer with a focus on quality affordable homes. Yaran provides in house management all aspects of property including strata, leasing, short stay, finance and NDIS. After a period of sustained growth, Yaran commissioned Blackbox Design to review their corproate identity and create a website that clearly communicates their vision and values

Blackbox Premium Brand Design and Corporate Identity Services

A brand identity is much more than just a logo or tagline. It's the overall feel of the company, and it needs to be carefully cultivated in order to be successful. Our branding agency in Perth and Melbourne will portray your brand story meaningfully across all touchpoints.

Brand Design & Corporate Identity Services

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand building workshops
  • Company and product naming
  • Logo design
  • Brand design & development
  • Corporate identity development
  • Stationery application
  • Brand application
  • Corporate identity style guides
  • Advertising & marketing style guides
  • Corporate language guides

Design Agency FAQs

Hiring a creative design agency will simplify all your branding, marketing, and web design needs. We have answered a few frequently asked questions about our design agency in Perth and Melbourne. We hope it helps you.

  • Does your digital marketing agency do branding?
    • Yes, we do branding for businesses of all sizes. Blackbox Design is a creative agency in Perth And Melbourne with years of experience in branding. At Blackbox Design, we provide a variety of branding, design and advertising services that includes logo design, package, annual reports, brochures, signage, and marketing communications.

  • Can you explain your branding services?
    • We do branding services like logo design, taglines, creating mission, and vision statements, brand voice, brand message, brand style, brand positioning and social media branding for all types of businesses. Our creative in-house team of designers will take the time to learn everything about your business, from values to your products/services and your customers, to design a custom logo design and other branding elements.

  • Do you help with my marketing campaign?
    • The short answer is yes. We tailor marketing campaigns based on your unique needs and implement and manage them to help your business grow. Our team will work with you to identify and learn your business needs and other requirements and research its different landscapes to plan and execute a successful marketing campaign.

  • Do you do printing?
    • Yes, at Blackbox Design, we do print management. We work with leading printing services and signage fabricators in Perth and Melbourne for a smooth process and timely delivery.

  • Do you help with my content requirement?
    • Yes! Our in-house team of experienced content managers and copywriters will help you with content creation and proofreading for your marketing collaterals.

  • How much time do you take to finish a project?
    • It depends on the size and nature of the project. A complicated project can take a few months, while simple ones a few weeks. It also depends on the response time. It’s because, you know, design is a highly collaborative process. It requires quick feedback to finish the project as early as possible.

  • How much does it cost for branding and logo design?
    • The best way to know is to discuss your project with our team. You probably know that a brand is much more than colours, designs, fonts, and logos but is something that connects you and builds your relationship with your customers. So, it all depends on the scope of your project.

If you have more questions about our design services and to discuss your business needs, contact our team now.

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