Why Custom Web Design Is Integral For An Effective Brand Design

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Did you know that 75% of customers decide on your brand credibility based on your website design?

Every brand has a unique identity and value that sets them apart from other brands. Websites are an ingenious way to deliver it to customers. Custom web designs establish your brand personality online. It improves credibility by making great first impressions and effortless communication with customers and clients. It tells them who you are and how your business can assist in fulfilling their needs. Nothing communicates your professionalism more effectively than custom website designs.

In essence, a good website design sets the tone for your brand identity. That’s why visual design is a critical component of a functional website.

Visual design, precisely graphic design, is the heart and soul of any successful custom web design. A website that utilises great graphic design looks more appealing and attracts customers in a few seconds of their scanning process. However, many brands often overlook the power of a good website design when manifesting their brand strategy and identity to their customers. If this is you, then right now is the time to contact a website design agency to optimise your website with professional designs and graphics to make them look professional and valuable to your brand.

What Are the Design Aspects of a Custom Web Design That Impacts Brand Identity?

A competent brand design agency creates a custom web design that builds brand identity by including the different design aspects as given below.

1. Logo
A logo is the key representation of a brand. Though not a website design element, they are the symbolic representation of a brand’s vision, mission, and values. Incorporating them creatively and interactively impacts the website’s design significantly. Everything from its colour, design, and texture— adds positive influence and emotional appeal to your customers instantly.

2. User Experience
A great user experience provides a meaningful positive experience to customers and prospects. This, in turn, builds your brand identity and customer loyalty. A good website design must be able to provide what a customer needs. That’s why it’s essential to implement user-friendly design elements in your website design that are responsive and easy to navigate. Attractive layouts, imagery, animation or easy to locate and adequate Call To Action buttons are some design elements that will keep bringing back your customers again and again.

3. Aesthetics
A neat and beautiful web design earns positive feedback from customers and can often be the most crucial thing in building a strong online reputation. Credibility simply does not stem from aesthetics alone. It comes from the careful hosting of all the design elements in an easy-to-understand format. An outstanding website design has a logical structure, layout, easy flow of content, colours, fonts and graphical design elements all perfectly merged.

Benefits of Using Custom Website Design

1. Custom web designs highlight your brand personality
2. It reflects your brand message in all design elements
3. It communicates your values effectively
4. Targets your potential audience faster
5. Builds a loyal online customer base

Blackbox Design is a leading branding and design agency based in Perth and Melbourne, providing excellent custom website designs and graphic design for local businesses in Australia since 2005. Contact us to let us know how we can help you.

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