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Your annual report determines the success of your corporate communication, which is why you need annual report designs that bring remarkable value to your brand and your business.

Annual reports are more than bulk financial documents and text-heavy brochures. Annual reports are the truly inspiring communication opportunities your brand deserves. It talks about your brand’s performance, over the last 12 months, in a detailed and comprehensive manner.

If your annual reports fail to grab attention and keep your vital audience engaged, you are not reaching the level of success you worked hard so for. That’s why it’s essential to have annual report designs that put forth your strategy, goals, and performance in visually engaging informative pieces.

At Blackbox Design, we bring together interesting infographics and visual elements to reflect your brand’s performance and strategy. Our designs get to the heart of your corporate message and deliver simple, logical, and concise reporting.

Annual Report Case Studies

State Records Annual Report

Blackbox responded quickly and developed an exciting and contemporary new design that used imagery and data from the WA State Archives to generate engaging graphics to help readers better connect with the mission of this organisation. The response from stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive.

Fleetwood Annual Report

Taking design inspiration from its brand fundamentals, Blackbox contemporised the look and feel, adding energy and vitality to the presentation of the results. This aligned tonally with the future and positive forecasts for the business as it transitioned into new and exciting industry sectors.

Hastings Sustainability Report

As the brand already had a significant online presence, our design response needed to work hand-in-hand with stakeholder communications already in the market. An easy-to-read format was developed, with infographic-style breakouts highlighting key information that worked within the requirements of the brand style guide.

Euroz Annual Report

A consistent style introduced secondary design elements to tie each of the three annual reports together. Clean, contemporary corporate design ensures the clarity of critical data, a high level of professionalism and adherence to the distinctive brand style.

A Brand Driven Annual Report Design Company in Perth

Annual reports need to be brand driven. Your brand message and story must be consistent throughout the report.

Bearing this in mind, our designers begin with strategic planning, content creation and designing.

  • We will plan a strategy based on the key goals you would like your annual report design to have. Our creative team will have a comprehensive discussion with you to help us prepare a keymap for your annual report. We will also make sure we understand your brand values and emotions to reflect them, even in the simplest visual design element.
  • Next, our team brings you the content concept. It explains in detail the different sections, pages, and layouts. We will ensure to highlight the distinguishing features of your brand, future goals, your people, financial performance, and reporting in clutter-free and clean designs.
  • At each stage of the design process, we consult with you to ensure our design aspects meet your requirements. From cover page to inside pages, and from colours, typography to infographics and photography, we make sure they truly represent your brand’s message consistently. If you like multiple design concepts, we can also cater to them.

Annual Report Design Agency Perth – Digital and Print Format

Only you know better what suits your needs. So, we leave it to you to choose between print or digital annual report formats. If you need, we are happy to do both.

As a leading annual report design agency in Perth, our team will assist you in every step. We will help bring your corporate reporting to life. For print formats, we will give the right suggestions to help you choose the desired stock paper and method of printing.

We also offer digital annual reports. Our team can transform your report into a visual story in PDFs, flipbooks, and web-based publishing. We also make them mobile-optimised and responsive, making them convenient for your prime audience.

Let’s Make Your Next Annual Report Design Shine!

A great annual report design does not mean it has to be expensive, but it needs to be in the hands of expert designers.

Talented annual report and graphic designers who have the creative mind to plan and design stunning corporate and annual reports within the time frame is absolutely essential. We are always open to discussion with no obligation, and you are free to compare our design estimate for annual reports.

Our corporate and annual report design services include:

  • Copywriting and proofreading
  • Annual reports
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports
  • Integrated reports
  • Prospectuses
  • Environmental reports
  • Corporate profiles
  • Electronic reports
  • Infographics and photography
  • Print Management

Get your corporate report from Perth’s leading annual report design agency this financial year with Blackbox Design. Get in touch with us now.

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