Why Website Design Is One Of The Most Important Aspects Of Corporate Brand Rollout?

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A brand rollout is a brand new start which has a roll on effect on all your marketing and promotional collateral – including online touch points like your website design.

What Is Involved in Brand Rollout?

It starts with rebranding— there’s a significant amount of work done on rebranding, involving long periods of deliberate discussion, organising, and designing redefined values into brand expressions like logos, taglines, and web designs.

This includes applying the new brand identity to business cards, letterheads, signage, and billboards and above all, your website design. It also involves addressing the internal audiences like the employees and stakeholders for a successful relaunch. Therefore, a brand rollout is an extensive process.

When it comes to rebranding and a new brand rollout, it involves multiple disciplines. It’s not easy to update or change just one aspect of a brand. For instance, if it’s the logo that looks outdated or does not match your new product line, you can’t simply design a new logo and update it on your website.

Your logo needs to match the design of your website for a lucid exposition of your brand’s values. It’s because a mere update of the logo on the website may bring confusion (identity crisis) to your customers and clients.

If you are considering new branding for your business in Perth, Melbourne or across Australia, just keep in mind rebranding is more than logos, colours, and aesthetics. It is the gateway to emotionally connect and let your clients and customers know that this is who you are as a business. That’s why web graphic designs are the most important aspects of a corporate brand rollout.

Significance of Website Design in a Brand Rollout

Today, no business or marketing strategy can ever reach success without powerful websites. Since websites have become the backbone of a business’s success in the digital medium, having a meaningful and attractive website design is crucial.

Updating your logo, tagline, and messaging on every page along with updated graphics, high-quality imagery or ads, typography, new layout, and pattern in stunning colours will convey your story clearly behind your new branding.

Website Rebranding Strategies

There is no rebranding strategy without involving the website. Website designs are the digital look and feel of a brand that sets the tone right.

  • Have a clear plan: Make sure you have a solid reason to make changes. Savvy consumers will judge you in seconds for your web design and for any changes you make to your website without insightful consideration. That’s only going to do more damage.
  • Work on your goal: Work with your team on the rebranding process by focussing on the original goal. It helps create a cohesive website design strategy and that makes a good marketing initiative to help you envisage new opportunities and growth.

It all starts with the right team. Most importantly, a branding and website design company that can make your brand personality come to life.

At Blackbox Design, we provide effective rebranding strategies and web design solutions for businesses, including small business websites and for large corporate custom website designs, in Melbourne and Perth. Connect with us to talk about your rebranding ideas.

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