3 Reasons Why You Need a New Website 

A professional looking, lead generating website is the first step for any Digital Strategy. There are many good reasons for needing a new website, but below are the TOP 3 reasons to invest in a new web design for your business.

1. Your Website Hasn’t Had a Refresh for Years

If you haven’t refreshed your website in 5 years – Your website is outdated already. Only websites with easy-to-navigate user experience and valuable content make a good first impression for online visitors. Besides that, modern web designs with great content make it easier for search engines like Google to identify your website and help it rank.

Note that refurbishing an outdated website is a consumes equal amount of resources as building a new website. If your website is old, redesign a new website with the latest web designs instead of spending time and money on updating outdated web design and content.

2. Your Website Isn’t Generating Leads

94% of the first impressions for a business are from their website. If your website isn’t converting visitors into leads, one major reason is your website lacks focus on user experience and device optimisation.

Since first impressions are everything, it’s crucial to have websites that look great and provide a greater user experience for your visitors. A creative web design will make your visitors stay longer on your website, creating a memorable experience and eventually leading more conversions and sales.

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3. Your Business Has Changed

Your website is the digital face of your business, so you know your website must reflect your business accurately. If you ever change your branding or add new services or products, it is crucial to update your website to keep your customers well-informed.

Website Strategy 

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Whatsoever your reasons may be, the first step of web strategy is to take your reasons and use them to set some goals. Your goals might be to look more professional, showcase your work and attract better leads.

A clear understanding of your goals will formulate a well-defined website and content strategy to achieve these goals.

A website strategy will help you identify who your users are, why they’ll engage with you and what action you would want them to take.

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