Why branding should be at the heart of your social media campaigns

Branding And Social Media Marketing Perth

What factors influence brand awareness and loyalty?

Brand loyalty is that sense of loyalty a customer feels to a company based on their experience with the company and their products or services. So what is it that helps increase this sends of loyalty?

According to a popular online business journal, “good customer service is one of the single most important factors in establishing and keeping loyalty to your brand among consumers.”

But the biggest factor influencing the shopping decisions people make, and the brands they become loyal to has to do with social media and video marketing on social media.

How to use social media to promote your brand.

Social media is one of the single most important tools you can use to get your brand noticed. This is understood by most modern-day business owners. But what they do not realize is that they need to take certain steps to make sure they reflect their brand in the best light. Here are a few tips for online business owners to help raise brand awareness. Create brand evangelists, and soar to new heights online.

  1. Have a brand presence that is separate from you as an individual. One of the worst mistakes you can make in developing your online brand presence is to let your brand get confused with your own personal online identity. So having a separate website, Facebook page, and Twitter account for your brand is essential to the online success of your business and brand.
  2. Focus on “perceived value.” Expert sales people will tell you that it’s not about the real value that matters in making sales-it’s the perceived value. Work on putting yourself in your visitors’ shoes, and thinking about what is important to them.
  3. Work on getting “targeted” visitors, not general traffic. There is a huge difference between quality traffic and junk traffic. The junk traffic brings you large numbers of visitors (which you can even purchase for a price), but the conversion rates are very low. You need to focus on getting targeted views to your website and Facebook page. This is where branding comes in as well. If you have done a good job at promoting your brand’s image on social media, there will be a natural curiosity about your brand and what you offer, and this will bring in the specific people you need to attract to get this accomplished.
  4. Use media on social media platforms. Video marketing is an essential part of an online marketing campaign. But producing an award-winning video does nothing if you cannot get the views you need. YouTube gets over 500 million views per month on their platform. Using social media like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to promote your video marketing message will bring your brand concept before millions more potential customers in a short period of time than you could ever accomplish with traditional methods.
  5. Be present.  Finally, one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness and loyalty is simply to be present and available to potential customers. Having someone to handle incoming Twitter messages or Facebook posts is one way  you can be present with your brand. Offering online coupons available only through your Facebook page is another. There are endless ways you can accomplish increased brand awareness by being present on social media on a regular basis and handling any customer service concerns as they come in.

How social media is tied to customer service.

We’ve already mentioned how important social media is to your brand image. But remember that the other factor-good customer service is intertwined with this concept. By being  present on social media, you address both factors at the same time and allow the level of engagement from customers on social media that is important to your brand’s success.

Creating brand evangelists.

The ultimate goal of any brand is to create brand evangelists-those people who will “preach” about your brand and products and services to anyone who will listen. You can do this by creating engaging videos you share on social media that they will want to share, by offering coupons on your social media sites, and posting updates regularly on Twitter. Exposure is the key to good brand promotion, and social media is the “holy grail” that allows you to achieve this in today’s online marketplace.

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