What’s Included in a Website Redesign Project?

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A new website often means new opportunities to boost brand image and increase your business’ conversion rate.

A website redesign project means revitalising your existing website. It involves optimising the web design, content, navigation, and user experience to improve performance and generate more leads.

Reasons you might be requiring a website redesign for your business include:

  1. Your existing website is outdated
  2. Poor conversion rates
  3. Reinstate the lost brand identity
  4. A brand overhaul
  5. New products, services, or brand persona

If your website needs a makeover for the above reasons, it’s time to discuss it with a trusted web design and marketing company to get started.

Steps Involved In a Successful Website Redesign Project

Redesigning a website takes a lot of time and effort based on your business’ requirements. However, following these simple steps will help you break down the process, making it manageable and keeping it within your budget.

1. Evaluate Your Current Website Performance Metrics

Paying attention to the performance metrics of your current website will serve as clear guidance as to whether you need a website redesign and help you form a strong framework for your new web design.

Start by assessing your sitemap and key performance statistics to understand the user experience, such as:

  • Bounce rate
  • Request per second
  • Number of visitors
  • Average time on pages
  • Conversion rate
  • High-performing keywords
  • Page speed
  • Total pages that receive traffic

These numbers will help you solidify the user experience side of your new web design for superior performance and conversion rates.

2. Create a Roadmap Based on Website Redesign Goals

Creating a roadmap will help you align your goals and pay more attention to your top priorities while designing and creating content for your new web design.

Here are some basic goals to consider:

  • Improve the number of visitors
  • Convert more visitors into customers
  • Improve SEO and organic traffic
  • Reduce bounce rate and make people spend some time on pages
  • Improve navigation
  • Improve access with more informative pages
  • Showcasing your new brand persona

3. Refine your Branding and Messaging

If you consider changing your branding or messaging, think about why you are changing, and it is important to reflect that change on your new web design. It’s because your website is the face of your brand that connects you with your visitors and turns them into loyal customers.

Therefore, make sure your message is on point. Make it a priority to address your customers as to what they will get from you and why they should stay on your site. Check if it communicates with all your buyer personas.

Sorting these ideas with a web design company will make your website redesign project less worrying and more effective and aligned. Depending upon the new branding ideas, they will change your branding elements like logo, visuals, page layout, typography, and colour scheme.

4. Study Your Competition

Analysing your competition is essential if you plan to redesign your website. It helps you understand how your competitors are doing to make a healthy comparison. It also gives you more ideas on where you can improve to design a competitive website.

5. Choose the Right CMS System

Choosing the right CMS system is a crucial step in web redesigning. It mainly depends on your business requirements and the features you would like to have in your new web design. However, choosing the right CMS requires the expertise of a web design company.

Sometimes there are also chances where a CMS may not support every feature and functionality you need. In such cases, you can ask your web design company to create custom websites to meet all your business requirements.

Once you are done redesigning your website, make sure you thoroughly test it before launching to fix any performance errors.

Few Things To Check Before Launching Your Redesigned Website

  1. Ensure your web design follows Google’s Core Web Vitals
  2. Your site is fully responsive
  3. Loading speed
  4. Make sure your pages are not overwhelmed with content
  5. Ensure your pages have a clear visual hierarchy
  6. Keep your 301 Redirect in place
  7. Check if your Google Analytics is working

How Can We Help You?

A new web design project is both an elaborate and exciting process that solely focuses on improving your brand. That’s why it is imperative to work with an expert web design company to make your redesigning and web optimisation process quick, smooth, and effective.

Contact the team at Blackbox Design based in Perth and Melbourne for all your web design needs including custom websites and small business web designs.

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