The top logo design trends for 2016

Flat logo Design for Windows 10

For designers to control the ultimate destiny of a brand’s identity, it’s necessary to stay on top of design trends. Whether specifically designing to attract Gen Y’s or designing against a trend to gain cut-through in a cluttered marketplace, below are some of the logo design trends we see to continue dominate branding in 2016.

Flat logo design.

Flat design has been around for some time but many graphic designers are finding new creative ways to reinvent the style. For example, depicting a 3D object can be flattened making it appear one dimensional. An example of this would be depicting a physical tool one uses in their work like a pen, guitar, or even a coffee bean. This design approach generally are easy to view no matter what type of display screen is being viewed.

Hand drawn logos.

Hand-drawn logos will continue to emerge in the future due to the personal, artistic touch it brings to the design. Brands that need to focus on an authentic hand crafted appearance such as an artesian baker or a rustic inner city bar are conducive to hand-drawn logo designs. Further examples could even include calligraphy inspired typography to help convey personality and character.

Negative space logos.

Negative space logo designs make lots of room for designers to innovate. There are many stylistic ways to carve a logo out of a solid shape, it leaves much to be explored in this area. Brands that encompass sophistication and minimalism will appreciate the simplicity of negative space. A simple object or word can become powerfully more noticeable through the use of negative space.

Vintage logo design.

As long as time goes on, there will always be a past. The feeling of nostalgia is exactly what some brands wish to evoke. A vintage feel may be appropriate for a residential warehouse conversion or a commemorative fifty year celebration.

The above design directions have a multitude of options to explore no matter what industry or business type. The most successful businesses will create a unique brand that speaks to their audience evoking the right emotions. Being aware of logo design trends will go some way in creating a new brand, be sure to discuss them with your branding agency.

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