Local SEO

Location, Location, Location!! SEO with a local focus. Target audiences in a specific area.

Local SEO Management

In today’s digital age, with the vast majority of consumers across Australia turning to the internet to find local businesses and services, your online presence is more essential than ever. That’s why investing in Local Search Engine Optimisation for your business is absolutely essential. 

Blackbox, a Melbourne and Perth based company, can help you to build, and grow your business’ online presence with our great range of Local SEO packages for small and medium businesses, Australia wide. Investing in a great SEO campaign and strategy is critical for getting your business to the top of local search engine results, primarily the ever-popular Google search.

  • Google My Business Optimisation
  • Rankings for Local Based Keywords
  • SEO Technical Audit
  • Ongoing Technical Fixes
  • Image Optimisation
  • Backlinking Audit
  • Local Directory Backlinking Activities
  • Local Social Backlinking Activities
  • Locally Based Keyword Research
  • Direct Competitor Analysis
  • Comprehensive Monthly Reporting
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Traffic Analysis & Monitoring
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Blog Articles Monthly

We service all of Australia’s capital cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and beyond, with our in-house local team based in our Melbourne and Perth. Whether you’re a local tradie or small business, looking to grow in your local market or a professional business looking to expand across your city, we have a custom Local SEO package to suit your needs.

How Does Blackbox Do Local SEO?

Blackbox specialises in the creation of user-relevant and friendly website layouts, Metadata, backlinks, on-page text links and exceptional on-page content and blog articles, specifically designed by our team of SEO trained Content Writers. We offer unique and affordable SEO packages. Our Local SEO Account Managers are results and product-driven and use a standardised approach to get you the results you need. We believe in success for your business and work to build an SEO campaign that will yield you the outcomes that your business needs to get ahead and get seen in the most popular search engines. We’ll work towards building your online presence across the top search engines. Get to know the individualised and hands-on approach we take to SEO for Australian small and medium businesses. Contact our team for a free consultation to discuss our options for Local SEO packages today.

What Is Local SEO?

Locally based Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of performing extensive keyword research based on two primary factors. Your business’ location and the areas you service and the keywords and key phrases that your customers are entering in Google search engine to find businesses like yours. We then focus on optimising your website and Google My Business listing to get you ranking higher in search results for these crucial keywords and key phrases. There are hundreds of variables that make up the mathematical algorithms used by Google and search engines to determine the order business’ listings will appear in the search results when any given key phrase or keyword is searched by a user. These variables are what we call ‘ranking factors’ and it is these factors that we influence on your business’ website to get your site ranking higher in Google search results for localised keywords.

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