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Lushcups Bakery Sydney

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    Lushcups had a fantastic product and were developing a following but they needed a way to reach more people, create brand awareness and increase sales and revenue through additional orders. Lushcups had a great offer of same day orders and delivery around Sydney which was a huge Unique Selling Proposition but weren’t able to reach their target audience to communicate this offer. They also wanted to target special occasions and seasonal events where consumers were likely to celebrate with Cupcakes and Cakes.


    The objective for Lushcups Bakery was to grow their online orders and sales and increase overall traffic to the website. They wanted to reach their target audience to capitalise from their Unique Selling Proposition of same day orders and deliveries and get on top of Google for crucial seasonal times of the year.


    Blackbox assessed the product offering and the seasonal elements of the product range and services. From this analysis, we determined that a two step approach to digital marketing would be employed. This included an SEO based strategy to focus on Last Minute Orders and a Google Ads campaign to get Lushcups to the top of Google Search Results at peak seasonal times of the year with a tailored SEM strategy.


    Blackbox’s team of SEO consultants went to work optimising the website, products, images, and content for important keywords related to Last Minute Cake/Cupcake orders. With the work performed over the SEO campaign, Lushcups began ranking in position 1 for ‘Last Minute Cupcake Orders’ and position 2 for ‘Last Minute Cake Order’ Australia wide. This achieved the goal of having high visibility for these crucial keywords related to the Unique Selling Proposition. With this increase in rankings came an influx of traffic to the website, with 75% of total website traffic being generated through SEO channels. In terms of growth, there was a 200% increase in organic traffic for the Sydney based online cupcake and cake store.


    Our Google Ads specialists took on the challenge of creating a Google Ads campaign for each special occasion, holiday and peak event to promote Lushcups’ goods and services in peak periods. Generic terms were also targeted, narrowing the reach to around the Bakery’s location for ‘Cake Delivery’ and ‘Cupcakes Sydney’. The Google Ads campaign was structured to ensure that all facets of the business were catered to and targeted precisely when required – e.g. Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day. Having separate campaigns allowed for directed Ad Copy and Keywords and ensured that the audience was precisely targeted. As a result of the refining and targeting of the campaign the Average Cost Per Click sits at a low $0.68 for highly competitive keywords such as ‘Cakes Sydney’ and ‘Cupcakes Sydney’. The impression share and visibility of the Ads has grown dramatically, with a Click Thru Rate of 9.13% on average for the month of September 2020.


    The SEO and Google Ads specialists at Blackbox were able to substantially increase the volume of SEO Organic traffic and Paid traffic through to the Lushcups online store and achieved over 30k+ product views per month across the website. The growth in traffic translated to increased sales and orders and resulted in a new location for the Lushcups Bakery being required as the business expanded. As Lushcups continues to grow, they are currently in the next phase of creating a brand new website with Blackbox’s website designers and we’ll launch the website in the coming months. This build has been performed to SEO technical specifications and Blackbox have optimised each individual category and product for SEO. We expect great things for the SEO rankings and a further drop in the Google Ads Average Cost Per Click with the mobile optimisation of the new website. Watch this space!

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