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Always Energy

Always Energy are a premium provider of solar energy solutions for residents and businesses across Sydney, Newcastle, and Port Macquarie. Always Energy perform installation and supply of solar panels and solar systems across this region.

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SEO, Google Ads and Social Media


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    The problem for Always Energy is that they weren’t expanding their client base and hadn’t been increasing the volume of sales and jobs. They also wanted to expand the business into new regions across NSW and didn’t know how to reach these customers who had little brand awareness of Always Energy.


    Target commercial customers, grow the business, increase orders and revenue, and expand into new regions across NSW.


    Blackbox’s SEO consultants performed an assessment of the outdated website and determined that an on-brand, professional and mobile optimised website was required to spruce up the brand image and get Always Energy looking like the premium, experienced and highly skilled operation that they are. A new website was built by our website designers to support the SEO and Google Ads campaigns that would follow.


    Once the website was successfully optimised for SEO technical specifications and migrated over to the new platform, the real SEO work could begin. An extensive content marketing strategy was employed to create location based targeting for not only the newly targeted locations, but the currently targeted locations as well. Our SEO experts optimised the newly created website for images, meta data, and SEO technical elements across the six month period for Always Energy.


    Blackbox’s PPC consultants based in Melbourne and Perth started by reviewing the entire SEM account for Always Energy and begun the work towards optimising the keyword targeting and monitoring the account for irrelevant searches to weed out the poor traffic.

    We created newly targeted campaigns to target commercial clients for Always Energy and created new campaigns targeting the new areas of operation to create brand awareness and increase orders within these areas.


    Through the SEO work performed, Always Energy were able to increase their Organic Sessions traffic from SEO based channels by 50% over a 6 month period. Further to that, 18 of the targeted keywords in the campaign increased in rankings in Google Search Results Australia wide over.

    From April 2020 to September 2020, Blackbox’s SEM experts were able to increase the volume of clicks and Paid traffic through to the website by 40%. With the work performed refining the campaign and keywords targeted, our Google Ads consultants were able to bring the Average Cost Per Click down by $4.00 which allowed for a higher volume of traffic at a lower overall cost.

    Always Energy are now booked months ahead of time and the business brought in from the SEO and Google Ads campaign has strongly impacted this result. This has allowed for Always Energy to have confidence in the future work coming into the business as a result of the digital marketing efforts by Blackbox.

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