How To Develop a Strong Brand Identity

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It is essential to create a brand identity that helps people have a positive perception of your brand and that projects your brand values and personality. Branding is a powerful marketing strategy that can determine the success of your company or its products.

What Is a Brand

A brand is the image, idea, or emotion that people have in their mind while thinking about a specific product or company. It can be its name, logo, visual identity, staff, or the experiences that people share with your business. So, it all starts with creating a brand identity.

Is Creating a Brand Identity Simple

Building a brand is an elaborate process. It involves careful planning and execution of various elements that reflect your company’s goals and visions in the right way. Effective branding can bring in the appropriate emotion when your target audience sees or hears your business’ name.

Why Designing Your Brand Identity Is Fundamental

From creating first impressions to maintaining credibility and recognition, brand design plays a vital role. Design enables you to communicate with your target audience and start building trust between you and your consumer. Any successful business or company has a strong brand identity created using consistent visual language.

The Building Blocks of Designing a Brand Identity

To create a strong brand identity, you must incorporate successful branding elements. Therefore, branding elements are the building blocks of brand identity. Let’s have a quick look at those branding elements.

Logo Design

A logo is an essential part of creating a strong brand identity because it is the first thing your customers will remember about your brand. Your logo can be what consumers recognise and remember for a long time. A creative logo speaks for you and makes your brand stand out from the rest of your competitors.


The forms and shapes you choose for your brand and its products are a crucial visual representation of your brand identity. It can be a geometric shape, abstract shape, or an organic shape. All these shapes can create a tremendous effect on how your target audience perceives your brand.


Have you ever thought about how typography can affect your brand identity? Well, if you haven’t guessed, typography talks or resonates with your personality. They are not mere words in fonts, but is your brand talking and endorsing your target audience to experience your brand. The fonts and the style you choose will be the brand ambassador of your brand for decades.

Colour Palette

Colours are an essential design element that creates deep emotions of what you are. Colours may have cultural associations, experiences and different theories that make effortless communication with your target audience. Different colours have different meanings, so you should select an apt colour that reflects your brand’s personality and voice. Usually, brands use 1 to 4 colours. But there is no rule when it comes to expressing the personality and uniqueness of your brand.

Design Templates

Design templates are the real players when it comes to building and promoting your brand identity. They play a crucial part in the market acceptance strategy, be it an email, website, business card or the packages you use for your products.


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