Brand Marketing Tips For Social Media

Brand strategies for social media

Today, social media has become an inevitable part of our daily life. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn have millions and millions of active users every day who spend a significant amount of time there, going through their feeds, sharing and connecting as a community.

This connection as a community is what businesses need to adopt to show who they are, what they offer and what makes them unique. Every active interaction and engagement in this community brings you and your users closer together. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is and how long you’ve been there – having a consistent brand presence across social media platforms makes meaningful and impactful connections. This is what we call effective social media branding.

Now let’s see how to do it with simple and powerful brand marketing tips.

Create and Post Content That Is Specific to Each Platform

Social media is a constantly evolving space, and each platform has its unique style and personality. Though it’s hard to keep up with its changing trends, what you can do is give your target audience different experiences across different social media platforms. The type of content you post on Facebook may not appeal to your target audience on Instagram and LinkedIn. So, posting the same type of content across all social media platforms will never work.

You should analyse the type of audience on each platform to provide appropriate posts and content that appeals to them. For instance, look below for what type of content is suitable for each social media:

● Facebook: Posting user-generated content, long-form posts and news feed ads are some of the top marketing trends in Facebook.
● Instagram: Engaging user content, IG stories with top-notch aesthetics and visuals.
● YouTube: Competitive and engaging video content that targets your audience and influencer marketing.
● LinkedIn: Highly-optimised content for this professional domain that directly targets the audience, builds your brand and provides job opportunities.
● Twitter: Use your voice to tweet and get into a conversation that engages your followers and target audience.
● Pinterest: Drive traffic to your website or build consistent branding by posting clean, crisp and attractive visual content.

Create Value-Driven Content

Value-driven content within your branded theme is the ultimate social media brand marketing strategy that brings your audience to you again and again. Value-driven content, in short, is a crisp piece of information that’s educational and entertaining. Most importantly, the one that promotes your brand. This kind of content will improve engagements, conversations and subsequent likes and shares and that helps to build your brand.

Establish an Appropriate Brand Identity

A consistent social media workflow is crucial in building your brand and staying in the mind of your target audience and followers. That’s why many businesses use social media calendars to create and schedule their posts. However, maintaining a social media content calendar is a time-consuming and daunting task. Therefore, they collaborate with multiple people to share the workload. In this process, you have to ensure that everyone involved must have the same understanding of your brand to post relevant and accurate content on each channel. It is essential to create a unique brand voice and identity that resonates with your message – be it colour palettes, designs or templates that set the tone of your brand.

Stay Active on All Channels

Not just being present will bring you benefits, but an active presence and engagement across all social media platforms is the key to consistent brand building. It doesn’t mean you need to post multiple posts a day. Start by posting user-relevant content from time to time and stay active on comments, messaging, or chats. Analyse how the demographics of different social media platforms align with your target audience to channel and position your brand with the best value-driven content.

It’s no doubt that social media marketing is a powerful brand marketing tool. Follow these simple steps to stand ahead of your competitors and fortify your brand.

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