The Significance of “Good” SEO & Digital Marketing Through Lockdowns

SEO and Digital Marketing

The Covid-19 lockdowns across Australia have definitely taken a toll on various fronts. Most importantly, it has forced many businesses to change their business models completely overnight. With more people relying on online services and products, many businesses who otherwise ignored modernisation and online shopping and customer experiences have started to adapt and trust in the digital marketing world. After all, online search has become one of the only mediums for many Australians in lockdown to reach services or shop for products.

The statistics from the IBISWorld report support these findings:

  • $43.9bn Online Shopping in Australia Market Size in 2021
  • 35.3% Online Shopping in Australia Market Size Growth in 2021
  • 19.2% Online Shopping in Australia Annualized Market Size Growth 2016-2021

How SEO Became the Aid During Lockdown

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has helped many businesses, especially, small businesses to thrive despite lockdown and restrictions. Not to mention, digital marketing companies similar to Blackbox Design & Digital were able to assist small businesses with finding the right path to get their services and/or products to reach their customers effectively.

As new businesses keep flooding the internet, the fight for visibility has reached new heights. Moreover, as people are constantly searching on the internet for hours, like never before, businesses quickly became aware of the need to rank in the Google Search Results. During lockdowns, the trend in keyword search volume has seen some significant fluctuation. There was a big shift in consumer behaviour. So, many businesses have shifted to SEO strategies as the basis of their digital marketing campaign.

Top Reasons Why SEO Is Paramount Now More Than Ever

  • SEO is the most affordable and effective digital marketing strategy during times of financial constraints and uncertainty.
  • SEO strategy brings long term growth and high Return On Investment (ROI).
  • The lockdown has seen some major shifts in consumer habits with the majority of purchases happening online. Ranking highly on major search engines, especially Google has never been more important.
  • Creates new opportunities for local businesses and helps bring new customers.

Tell Us About Your SEO Needs

As SEO is the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy to enhance your organic rankings in search engines like Google, it’s definitely worth investing in it.


As a company built on innovation, we are dedicated to remaining agile and adapting to trends as buyers increasingly search online, so we can ensure maximum exposure for our clients. Whether you intend to reach customers through SEO, Google Ads or Social Media Marketing, our agency based in Melbourne and Perth can assist you with developing a comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy.

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