The Latest Trends in Annual Report Designs

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Annual reports are vital to your business as it tells your story, celebrates your successes, and connects and strengthen your relationship with your important audience.

To keep them engaging, you must design annual reports that are easy to understand and visually appealing. To help you begin, here are some of the latest design trends in annual report designs:

Effective Infographics

Integrating compelling infographics is a must, as infographics have become the make-or-break design aspect of successful annual reports. Be it your mission, financial information, or future goals, presenting them in infographics add an interesting look to annual reports. It also keeps the readers engaged.

Adding infographics portrays the right message in the right place. Thoughtful infographics in beautiful colours and fonts can narrate your achievements and help your readers understand and better connect with your objectives.

For instance, our team incorporated the brand colour with illustrative infographics to visually convey each bit of data for the Annual Report of Cash Converters.

Valiant and Distinct Brand Colours

Long gone are the days when annual reports looked boring with long black texts and figures that sat still on white pages. Now, annual reports are all bold and harmonious colours.

Embracing the colours that reflect your brand philosophy, energy and enthusiasm draw instant attraction from your shareholders and top clients. It’s because by using the colours of your brand, you are solidifying your brand’s key values and principles. Hence, you can deliver your brand message with consistency.

Colours also help break down information into a simplified, perfectly aligned and more readable piece of a corporate annual report. It makes them look aesthetically pleasing. However, only a reputable annual report design agency can master the art of creating a harmonious colour collision and designs that look great.

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Impressive Photographics

Annual reports, nowadays, seem to be taking a more realistic visual approach as photographs elevate the way of delivering the objectives and message of a brand. Think about your audience and choose the appropriate images.

Give your audience a glimpse of a behind the scenes picture of your manufacturing unit, products, or services. You can also show the team, the people of your organisation. Including them strategically on every page or as a background makes your brand story more compelling.

For instance, when designing the Annual Report of the State Records Office WA, our team crafted a contemporary design with images and data from the State Archive to help their audience better connect with their mission.

annual report design of state records

Intriguing Story

Make your annual reports more like a visually pleasing narrative by finding and mapping the key points and details. Add those letters from the Chairman or President to show the growth and accomplishments of your brand. You can also thank people like your investors and appreciate your employees.

Add editorials or details of your business mission and vision, investor profile and your challenges in compelling stories. You can also make annual reports more engaging by adding success stories drafted by your employees.

People pay attention and respond to other people. So, portray stories about the people of your organisation. Adding these kinds of details makes your annual reports more responsive.

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Easy Electronic Reports

Digital annual reports are splashing into the latest trends in annual report design. Owing to their convenience and easy sharing, many organisations are shifting towards digital ones.

You can publish them on your official website and link them to your social media channels. Going digital means even better representation that saves on the printing and mailing costs. It also makes annual reports highly interactive and helps reach more audiences.

Need More Unique Ideas?

Designing a compelling annual report starts with a reputable design agency that has an in-house team of excellent graphic designers and marketing editors. To make them outstanding, you need to think out of the box, and that’s what we do!

Contact our team at Backbox Design, a boutique annual report design agency based in Perth and Melbourne.

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