Banjo Loans

Banjo Loans

Banjo Loans are a local Australian provider of Unsecured Business Loans for businesses across Australia. Banjo Loans operate from their Melbourne based offices.

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SEO, Google Ads and Social Media


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Banjo Loans

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    Banjo Loans previous digital marketing provider had showed little interest in their account and the campaign had not been optimised successfully to improve conversions, provide accurate conversion tracking, and decrease irrelevant traffic through to the website.


    The objective was to increase conversions, refined conversion tracking and improve the volume of loan applications for Banjo Loans.

    Google Ads/PPC Agency | Digital marketing agency Melbourne


    The solution was for Blackbox to create an SEO campaign which targeted the brand related terms for Banjo Loans and their branding related lending services to businesses. Blackbox advised on the structure and messaging of the website to ensure that criteria for business loan application was clearly communicated to the target audience upon landing on the website. Blackbox’s Google Ads and PPC Specialists in Melbourne set to work at optimising and restructuring the Google AdWords campaign for Banjo Loans. The account was restructured for better reporting and optimisation, keyword targeting was refined, new Ad Copy was generated, and conversion tracking was enhanced. Previous set up of the conversion tracking saw duplicate conversion recordings and this resulted in skewed results for Banjo. Blackbox’s PPC consultants were able to achieve a clearer picture of the results achieved through the Google Ads account.


    The increased rankings for Banjo Loans branded terms meant that Banjo were able to stop putting budget into the Brand terms campaign which allowed for this spend to be distributed through to the Business Loans based campaigns. This saved over $2K per quarter in additional Google Ads spend for Branded terms. Having targeted messaging on the website resulted in fewer applications by users who did not meet the application requirements outlined by the terms and conditions for Banjo. Advice on SEO technical elements was adhered to ensure navigation, usability and mobile optimisation was applied to each landing page utilised within the Google Ads campaign. The Average Cost Per Click decreased substantially from $32.00 down to $7.00 from the same quarter the previous year. This allowed for a significantly higher volume of clicks at a lower overall cost. With the refining of the campaign this produced a higher Click Thru Rate which increased substantially for the Business Loans related Campaigns, up from 2.88% to 5.77%. The volume of conversions doubled compared to previous periods where previous budget had been higher. The volume of clicks achieved through the campaign improved by 125% comparing quarter on quarter from 2019 to 2020 from the spend dropping by $4k.

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