Employer Branding

Employer branding works like most other branding, being based on customer insight, clarity of offering, cut-through and consistency. Often the most important brand in a person’s life is the brand of their employer.

Businesses in Perth, Western Australia, have faced increased competition to attract quality employees. The mining and associated mining services boom has drained talent from a wide range of sectors and this has placed upward pressure on employee remuneration.

With a strong employer brand strategy in place businesses are able to leverage their positioning, personality and values to attract the type of employee best suited to their organisation and over time establish themselves as an employer of choice.

Having a clear purpose and defined culture attracts like-minded people to the firm and provides a clear sense of expectation around standards and performance.

The employer brand proposition filters down from the top levels of leadership and affects everyday organisational behaviours. It is also borne out in key staff touch points such as the working environment, performance and development, reward and recognition, and internal communication.

It helps answer employee questions around:

  • Why should I join your organisation?
  • Why should I stay there?
  • How should I behave?
  • How will I be treated?

Having this information defined makes finding and selecting the right type of employee for your business an easier task. It also makes for more engaged and committed staff members who identify with your brand, are loyal and who will continue to take the business forward.

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