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Remarking is a form of digital advertising that targets these viewers and as a result the prospects of converting them into an enquiry increases exponentially.

What is remarketing?

In basic terms, remarketing is a term used to describe a form of online advertising where customers are targeted based on their past internet actions. The idea is that customers are only targeted if these past actions did not lead to a sale or enquiry. For example, if you are an apartment developer with a good volume of website traffic, you can target these potential buyers with ads based on the apartments they were browsing. Marketers can use this strategy to get past visitors to return to their websites and, potentially convert these visits into sales the second time around.

Are there different types of remarketing?

There are a few different methods of remarketing available. Standard remarketing allows you to show static ads to your past visitors as they browse the internet, while dynamic remarketing allows you to show dynamic advertising. Generally, dynamic advertising is more effective because you can show the user pictures of the exact items that he or she might have browsed on your website previously. In fact, it is estimated that dynamic advertising brings in five times as many conversations when compared to standard remarking.

How does remarketing work?

The process to setup remarking is relatively simple, a remarketing tag needs to be inserted into the code on your website. This one-time implementation gives you the ability to create a remarketing list based on your website traffic. You can then create a targeted campaign for certain segments of your website visitors. Using the previous example, you might choose to exclusively target users who have visited penthouses and a separate campaign for people interested in studio apartments. The ads that you broadcast to these past visitors are then used to encourage these individuals to return to your website and, enticing them to make an enquiry.

What are the benefits of remarketing?

Using a remarketing campaign allows you to reach people when they are more likely to make a purchase since you have the ability to reach people that have already shown interest in your product or services. If the creative is intelligently thought through and the remarking lists clearly segmented, remarketing can be a very effective and accountable advertising medium.

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