Custom Web Design Vs Template Websites: What’s The Difference?

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Websites are the fundamental requirement of running a business today, especially if you realise the immense value and potential of online digital marketing. The main reason is customers expect brands to have websites for a quick and easy reflection of everything from a brand’s professionalism, to showcase their products and services, to their basic contact information. Realising this, many brands simply try to find a position in the online realm with websites that too often may not highlight their unique brand model and identity.

When it comes to designing a website, there are usually two methods: custom web design and template websites. If you expect a positive outcome from online marketing, your website must nail down your core value, product, or service along with easy navigation, looks and speed. Though both web designs are efficient, which one will cater to all your needs?

Custom Web Designs

Custom web designs are what a web design agency will start tailoring based on your brand’s unique needs. Custom web designs are built by coding and developing every single feature from scratch that reflects your branding, purpose, and functionality. It involves a careful process of learning, designing, and executing strategies while building a website that specifically targets your customers. It makes your website truly resemble your core values and mission.

Interplay Custom Web Design

Fully Customisable: Custom web designs, as the name suggest, are fully customisable — from layout, typography, colours to texture.
Flexibility: Adding or editing new features is simple in custom web designs. This adaptability is essential for the growth and long-term success of brands.
Supreme User-friendly: Custom web designs are built to be mobile-friendly, fast, and responsive. They go through rigorous testing to ensure it has optimum performance for a great user experience and search engine visibility.
Easy Integration: Third-party service integration can’t be simpler than this. You can integrate third-party apps like Google Maps or Hubspot easily through APIs, making them become a part of your main website.

● Custom web designs are comparatively a bigger investment than template web designs.
● They need more time in designing and developing.

Template Websites

Template websites are predesigned layouts. There are many website builders like Wix, WordPress and Shopify, that let you choose from hundreds and hundreds of design templates to build your website. Though it seems easy, finding a design that perfectly resonates with your brand model can be challenging. This is a perfect option for a small business website design.

Countless Choices: Template websites come in thousands of designs and styles with varying features and add-ons that will leave you spoilt for choice.
Simple: In general, predesigned templates are designed to be simple and easy to navigate, so you can start using them right away by adding your content. It also saves you a lot of time if you are in a hurry to launch your website.
Inexpensive: Template websites are generally affordable solutions, though some premium templates can be a bigger investment. It usually depends upon the number of features, customisation, and add-ons that a design comes with.

● Your brand is limited to the designs. It means you cannot express or show your uniqueness in all aspects. Customisation or altering a code also has limitations.
● You cannot add custom features like custom menu bars, payment solutions, forms, and additional features that may be essential to your business.

Whatever your choice is, just know that landing a position for yourself and maintaining your reputation online is all based on your website. If you don’t have either a website or if your website performs poorly, you are already losing potential customers. Need online success? Connect with the Blackbox design agency based in Perth and Melbourne today.

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