Search engine marketing is an effective way to deliver highly targeted advertising across both search and social networks.

Communicating effectively to consumers means delivering marketing messages in and environment where digital screen time is the priority.

The Google search network reserves an area at the top and to the right of its organic search results for paid, text-based ads. These ads are known as Google AdWords, referred to as ‘Sponsored links’.

AdWords function on a pay-per-click basis, therefore there is no media cost to the advertiser for placing ads however, the advertiser’s account is charged once the ad is clicked upon. This is referred to as a cost-per-click or CPC. 

The cost-per-click rate is determined by an automated auction with the more popular search terms commanding a higher bid price. The greater the bid price an advertiser sets for a keyword, the higher the ad impression frequency. Adwords campaigns can have a pre-determined budget set, allowing the campaign to automatically pause  once the monthly limit is reached.

In addition to AdWords, advertisers have the option of running display ads which appear on the Google Display Network. This network includes millions of websites that allow Google to place relevant display ads on their pages via the Google AdSense program.

We understand the technicalities of running successful AdWords and AdWords Display campaigns. When combined with our brand strategy, design and technical capability, we deliver effective and accountable digital communications.


  • Search engine marketing strategy & planning
  • Google Adwords & Display management
  • Campaign monitoring and optimisation
  • Keyword and key phrase analysis
  • Adwords copywriting
  • Digital design & artwork
  • Detailed analytics & reporting
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


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