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    PROK were operating from a slow and outdated website, which was impacting their brand image as a leading distributor of Conveyor products and components. PROK needed a professional and functional website to showcase their superior products and brand themselves as a leader in the market. The new website needed to be technically SEO optimised and keyword rankings needed to be improved to increase organic visibility. The current Google Ads campaign produced a low Click Thru Rate due to irrelevant impressions from lack of keyword refining and attention to Negative Keyword list management.


    The objective for PROK was to increase visibility across Google for major products and services across Perth and wider Australia. PROK also want to introduce new product lines across the globe. The brief was to increase traffic, brochure downloads and enquiries to the website. Further to this, we were tasked with improving relevancy of impressions and clicks through Google Ads to get a higher conversion rate through this digital marketing channel.

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    Blackbox’s team of custom website developers created an on-brand, SEO sound and highly responsive website design for PROK. The next step was optimising this new design to get more traffic to the website with a two pronged digital marketing strategy, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google Ads.


    ggggThe SEO consultants at Blackbox went to work optimising the PROK website for SEO technical issues and developed SEO content marketing strategies to get PROK ranking in the SERPs and increase organic traffic through to the website. The work performed paid off substantially, with PROK seeing a 50% increase in SEO Organic Users from March 2020 to August 2020 after the launch of the new website in March 2020. The Organic conversion rate increased by 6% in the first 6 month period of the SEO campaign for PROK. This increased Brochure downloads and actions taken to reach out to PROK for product and sales enquiries. For a major product line like conveyor equipment development for the mining industry, this increase in conversions meant big interest in the conveyor products on offer from PROK.gggggggggg

    seo firm melbourne - PROK


    The Click Thru Rate on the existing Google Ads account sat a below industry standards of 1.36% in January 2020. Primarily this was due to the impressions on the Ads appearing for irrelevant searches. This figure rose to 6.64% by July 2020 after the Blackbox Google Ads consultants successfully optimised the account and vastly improved the relevancy of impressions for the Ads. The Average Cost Per Click was sitting at $3.01 in January 2020 and our Google Ads experts were able to decrease this figure to $2.01 over a 6 month period. The impressions appeared in top position across the campaigns a total of 72.63% of the time, a significant increase in visibility from the 21.53% prior to campaign optimisation by our Google Experts.


    Traffic increased not just in the local Perth and Australian regions, but also across the globe and successfully promoted the new product offerings from PROK. Overall, the Blackbox SEO and Google Ads campaign vastly improved the volume of traffic through to the PROK website for both Organic and Paid channels.

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