Blueprint Homes – Google Ads & Socials

Blueprint Homes – Google Ads & Socials

Blueprint Homes is one of the most renowned and reliable home builders across the Perth, Western Australian area. Established in 2005, the team at Blueprint Homes provide affordable and high-quality new home builds, display homes and house and land packages for residents across Perth.

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    As a builder of display homes and offering new home builds and house and land packages, Blueprint Homes needed to expand their reach, build their brand, and increase enquiries and overall sales. The Perth housing market was growing and expanding. Blueprint Homes needed to take advantage of this growth. This could only be achieved through reaching their target market and narrowing down on where they were going to learn more about how to build their dream home. Blueprint needed to build their brand in the local market. They also had to grow and capitalise on their reputation as the leading home builder in Perth.


    The objective was to increase brand awareness for Blueprint Homes in the Western Australian and Perth market. Reach customers looking for new home builds, display homes and house and land packages who were ready to buy and likely to convert into sales. Blueprint also wanted to advertise promotional packages and get the word out on the latest and best deals on offer.

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    Blackbox Digital and Blueprint worked together to establish the objectives of the campaign and collaborated with the client to create and develop a tailored digital marketing strategy. The client required a digital marketing strategy that encompassed reaching clients where they were directly going to find new home builders and house and land packages. It also required a digital component that would increase brand awareness in the local Perth market. Blackbox Digital’s team of Facebook Marketers and Google Ads specialists devised a strategy to utilise these two vital digital channels to achieve Blueprint’s marketing objectives. Conversions were of high value due to leads bringing in the sale of display homes and house and land packages. Therefore, the focus for the digital strategy was to generate and increase the volume of inquiries and sales for Blueprint. Facebook Marketing was utilised to promote new deals with the help of Blackbox Digital’s creative and experienced design team. We were able to develop on-brand, eye catching, and results driven artwork to support the marketing messages in the Facebook campaign. Remarketing campaigns on Facebook and across Google were also deployed to retarget to customers who had visited the website or clicked on the Facebook Ads. Our talented team of designers created banner ads and Facebook posts to entice, gain clicks and reach the audience to entice them back to the website to make enquiries.

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    Through the refining of the Google Ads campaign, the Average Cost Per Click dropped from $1.36 down to $0.83. This meant that Blueprint was achieving a higher volume of traffic through to the website at a lower overall cost. The Ads in Google Ads became more prominent which in turn increased the likelihood that the Ads were clicked on by users. The Click Thru Rate increased to 8.40% compared to the YoY figure of 5.19% with the increased prominence of the Google Ads. The Facebook Marketing campaigns collectively delivered close to 2.5 million impressions and reached over 450K users across Facebook. In a five month period, conversions increased from an already high average of 60 per month and over doubled to 120 leads and conversions for Blueprint Homes per month. With conversions increasing and the cost of traffic to the website dropping, so too did the average cost per conversion. That meant that Blueprint was achieving double the volume of leads for new home builds and house and land packages at the same overall spend.

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