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Branding and Emerging Digital Technology

Is your brand hiding from emerging technologies?

Innovation and emerging technology combined can build significant brand loyalty by simply connecting a new technology to new target audiences.

Wordpress Website Design Agency-Perth

Should WordPress be my website’s content management system (CMS)?

There are a host of content management systems (CMS) that simplify the management of your website's content. We are going to explain why WordPress should be your first port of ...

Brand Designers Perth

When is it time to review your brand identity?

Taking the time to regularly review and update your brand identity is an important part of running your business, and will ensure you stay relevant and reflect the changing needs ...

Minimalist Ben Sherman branding.

Branding: What happened to my logo?

In today's competitive marketplace it is ever more important to partner with the right branding agency and create a brand that is more than just a logo.

Digtal Disruption

What is digital disruption? It’s a business opportunity

How can you benefit from digital disruption? Well, you don’t want to be the silent film actor trying to make it in a new audio film world. Instead, you ...

Branding Cut Through

Using colour to create brand cut-through

The correct colour palette will give your brand an extra boost, forever linking your brand with a particular emotion and colour. Choose your brand's colour palette well enough, and you'll ...

Brand Design: Building Brand Personality

Brand Identity: Building a unique brand personality

A successful brand position is one in which a brand identity has instant meaning for customers, giving it a set of unique traits which help it stand out from its ...

Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media marketing: how to build brand equity

Like it or loathe it, social media marketing has become a powerful communication tool for many brands, if used correctly it can greatly help influence consumer spending and buying habits.

Developing a unique brand personality is crucial if your business is to stand out from the crowd.

How a strong brand identity can add long term value to your business

When considering your marketing strategy and the brand position of your business, it's important not to overlook the benefits of creating and maintaining a strong brand identity.

google adwords and SEO management services

How Google’s Hummingbird update will affect your SEO strategy

Hummingbird has taken the focus off the keyword segments, and put it on the entire context of the search phrase being used. Instead of looking for keywords, Hummingbird is looking ...

Banding Agency Business to Business Communications

The art of branding in business to business communication

Modern minds are awash with brands, consumers are exposed to thousands of logos and marketing messages. With the voluminous nature of branding today, competition for market attention has never been ...

Blogging for lead gerneration

Blogging for business and lead generation

Regular and timely blog posts to your website, will help position your business as a thought leader within your industry, improve your SEO and in turn generate, more leads from ...

Responsive Web Design Perth

Why is responsive website design important?

The penetration of smartphone use in Perth is now reaching the majority of the population, it becomes no surprise we are seeing upwards of 50% of website hits from mobile and ...